2024 Leaf Press Pass Premium Football 2 Hobby Box Random Left Side Serial # Break #4

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Each spot purchased in this break will receive 1 LEFT Side Serial # (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0). If a card is is pulled that has a LEFT side serial ENDING with your number you get the card. If the card is not serial #'d it goes based on the set number on the back of the card. For instance if the set number is card #90 it will go to whoever has the number 0. This is a 10 spot break.

2024 Leaf Press Pass Premium Football Hobby Box

Every Box contains Five Autographs & Six Base Metal Cards!

Leaf is proud to announce the return of a longtime hobby favorite, Press Pass Football!
2024 Press Pass Premium will bring you the top football players from the past, present and future all on metal technology. Look
for the return of some fan favorite inserts and even more rare die-cut Autograph cards.

Every box, on average, will contain 4 Base, 2 Base Parallels #'d to 35 or less, 4 Autograph or Retro Autograph Cards #'d to 99 or less plus 1 Insert Autograph or Die-Cut Autograph #'d to 25 or less!

11 Cards per Box