2020-21 Illusions Tmall Basketball 20 Box Case PYT Break #2

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Pick your team in a FULL 20 box case break of 2020-21 Panini Illusions Asia Tmall Basketball.


The HORNETS will be part of a FILLER prior to the start of this break. (Teams that were unsold will be combined with the HORNETS in a filler and the cost of the filler will be the average price of the unsold teams and the HORNETS. 


    2020/21 Panini Illusions Basketball Asia Tmall Box

    Each Box contains 12 Parallels, Six Inserts, Two Acetate Inserts!

    Look for Rookie Cards LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards!

    Brand new Panini Asia Illusions makes its debut this year in which collectors can find 12 parallels, 6 inserts, and 2 Acetate Inserts per box!

    Search for exclusive Asia base parallels such as Asia, Asia Red, and Asia Gold!

    Insert sets such as Season Highlights, Career Lineage, Instant Impact, Rookie Reflections, Rookie Signs, and Trophy Collection Signatures can all be found in the exclusive Asia Red and Yellow parallel!

    Find 2 acetate inserts in each box! Look for randomly inserted Asia Exclusive Red and Yellow Parallels!


    ROOKIE SIGNS ASIA RED AND YELLOW/TROPHY COLLECTION SIGNATURES ASIA RED AND YELLOW/ROOKIE SIGNS ASIA RED AND YELLOW: Illusions presents an incredible selection of autograph content! Look for autographs of the top players around the league, old and new! Find Panini Asia exclusive Red and Yellow parallel!

    CLEAR SHOTS ASIA RED AND YELLOW/SHINING STARS ASIA RED AND YELLOW/MYSTIQUE ASIA RED AND YELLOW: Look for the unique acetate insert cards in exclusive Panini Asia Red and Yellow parallels!

    CAREER LINEAGE ASIA RED AND YELLOW/ROOKIE REFLECTIONS ASIA RED AND YELLOW/INSTANT IMPACT ASIA RED AND YELLOW : Find Season Highlights, Career Lineage, Instant Impact, and Rookie Reflections in exclusive Panini Asia Red and Yellow parallel!

    4 Packs Per Box, 12 Cards Per Pack